Crusader Days and Knights

Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott.

In the service of the lord... wherever

My situation seems to have changed. No longer will be overseeing the transfer of wealth from one lordship to anther, instead the divine has seen fit to bring me, my client, and the castle itself to new lands.
There are some Christians here, brought for the same unknown purpose. But for each friend I am told we have 10 enemies, heathens who do not know gods laws.

My task has not changed, to defend the worshipers of the one true god. There is no temple here but with these Christians and with the land beset by sin I see a need for a new temple.

This is not the holy land, my senses seem fit to call it the unholy land, but even such is reachable for gods power.
I have work to do.



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