Crusader Days and Knights

In The Beginning, Part 5

The party manages to safely return to the outskirts of Glastonbury with little fanfare, and begin to prepare a plan for one of the biggest fights of their lives. They discuss what the best plan would be, and settle on splitting into two groups. Gideon, Content Not Found: null and Brother Portier will be the ones sneaking into the castle, while Luc, Finn and Andre will be the ones creating the distraction outside. After hearing the commotion from the latter group, the former will take their chances and break for it.

Before they leave to enact their plan, Finn speaks to Crazy Agnes who ominously tells him to find Baroness Alice. He keeps it in mind as his group leaves to create some commotion.

The group makes their way to a barn with some horses inside, when they heard a woman’s scream inside. Andre comes up to the two guards at the entrance, who tells him to move along so that he doesn’t get hurt. Due to his previous leadership skills, he managed to convince the guards that they’re better off standing down, so they let him inside.

He was surprised to see the condition of the horses, which looked worse for the wear. As he began to release the horses, he gets hit in the back with a dagger. He turns around to see an infantryman holding the blade, who states that he needs the bounty that’s on Andre’s head, and that he cannot let him free the horses. Andre manages to gain the upper hand in a quarrel and knock him off of his feet, injuring him. As the man tries to escape, a naked woman descends from the ceiling and kills him outright in a rage, seemingly for the events that happened before they entered the barn. Andre, Luc and Finn manage to free the rest of the horses and they begin to make their way to the town proper.

Hearing the commotion a few miles away, Sebastian took the initiative to lead the priest and Gideon through the abbey wall with no difficulties at all. It wasn’t until they were crossing the grounds where a monk stops Sebastian, believing him to be someone who lives on grounds, and asks him for water. Sebastian goes to get some and slips some sleeping potion into the water as he tries to give it back to him. Unfortunately the monk got a good look at his face and realized who he was, though Gideon managed to hit the monk over the head before he was able to cast any magic. Gideon managed to hogtie him and pull him out of the way.

Sebastian and the group notice a large hole in the ground in front of one of the buildings, but felt that the need to get into the abbey proper was too important to investigate, so they move forward.

Once Finn gets into the town, he dons a monk’s cloak to go and find Alice on his own. He found it suspicious that the peasants are trying to avoid him for some reason. Once he gets to her home, he finds it completely destroyed, which was highly unusual. He takes one of the spears that was hanging from the walls, and then goes to the gates of the abbey. The two guards are blocking the way, and tell him that they are not allowed to let anybody in or out until breakfast. They do get a glimpse of his face though, and once they recognize who he is, Finn breaks into a sprint and chase after him, yelling that he is here.

As they run through the village, the peasants seemingly try to defend Finn by attacking the guards with cooking utensils and whatever else was on hand. Prester Peter looks outside of his window at the commotion and recognizes Finn as the chase takes him into the fields. Thinking this would be a great chance to get rid of him, Peter shoots a fireball at Finn’s direction. Unfortunately his aim was a little off the mark and only caught his back. Finn doesn’t even take notice until the fire burns a little too hot against his skin, so he takes the time to drop and roll. Peter throws another fireball though due to the distance, his aim was off even further and hit a nearby roof instead. To try and put the fire out, Finn runs to the nearest well and was shocked in horror to find that there was a man crucified there. Finding that his well-being was important, Finn began to tend to him instead.

Sebastian definitely knew his way around the castle very well, and only ran into one encounter – he was able to mimic Deveroux’s voice well enough though to distract them, which allowed them to get all the way to the demon child’s room. The three of them bust down the door. Gideon goes for the secretary immediately, while both the priest and Sebastian bum rush the baby as soon as they spot it. Once the crucifix was plunged into the baby, the resulting screech knocks Sebastian out immediately, while the Secretary had enough composure to shoot fire in both Gideon and the priests’ direction.

Gideon was steady enough to be able to grab the baby and run out of there. Due to the commotion, Peter made his way towards the door and blocked Gideon’s escape. The two of them begin grappling, but it wasn’t until the priest slammed himself into Peter so that Gideon can escape completely. Peter hit Gideon with an acid spell on his way out. Weakened, Gideon attempts to take the health potion he received from Agnes earlier out, but the secretary at that point was able to cast a spell that left both him and the priest stunned.

The baby’s mortal form at this point was dying due to being hit with the fire spell from earlier. The demon inside begins to attempt to jump into Gideon’s body. Peter suddenly finds himself losing control of his own body to the demon inside of him, which goes over to Gideon and asks, “Who is the boss now?” The secretary looks confused and stunned at the whole scene.

Luc comes into town on a horse with Agnes and runs through the guards on the path to the abbey. Behind him is Brother Robert, who is seemingly glowing, and the peasants go down on one knee as he passes. After attending to the man at the well earlier, Finn tries to clear the way as well against three spearmen – two give up rather easily, while the third engages in combat. Finn manages to jab the spear into the man’s side and watches him fall over. Stefan runs into Finn and asks where Gideon is. Finn lets him know that he’s taking care of business in the abbey. Stefan goes straight there, while Finn lets him know that he will be right behind him.

Meanwhile, Sebastian comes into consciousness and assesses the current situation in the abbey. Believing that Peter is the most dangerous one, Sebastian stabs him in the leg with another crucifix. Peter’s body lets out a demonic scream as the demon is blocked. Peter pulls out the stake, but manages to have enough power to cast a willpower spell on Gideon before he passes out. The demon tells Gideon that he needs to submit.

Luc’s horse runs through the abbey doors and up the stairs. He sees Gideon at the end of the hallway, but was shocked to hear a different voice coming from the body, saying that he needed to “prepare to die”. The horse was hit with a burst of flames from Gideon’s hands, throwing the beast out of control. Agnes gets off rather gracefully, Luc less so and ends up injuring himself. As he tries to dodge the horse bucking around, the creature suddenly vanishes due to what seemingly was divine intervention.

Agnes reaches into her bag and throws powder over Gideon. He manages to avoid inhaling it before throwing another fireball at Agnes’ direction. She dodges the fireball, and Gideon passes out from sheer exhaustion.

Stefan shows up just as Agnes stabs Gideon’s body with a cross. Stefan knocks her out of the way due to the fear of her injuring his friend. Finn finally catches up to him, saying that the person in front of him isn’t really Gideon at the moment, which stops Stefan in his tracks. The secretary begins to summon some magic, but Brother Robert shows up in time to stop him.

Brother Robert begins the exorcism, successfully pulled out the demon’s souls and trapped them into a rock. The rock was then promptly thrown into the river, hopefully never to be seen again. The group explains to Lord Deveroux what had happened, who was simply overwhelmed with the information. He was shocked that even the abbot was involved with the demons, and needed some time to completely understand the impact that the events had on the sins and sinners of Glastonbury. They then explored the basement of the Abbey and found some artifacts of seemingly extreme importance, though for what exactly, they need to take some time to find out.

Finn, Gideon and Luc decide to travel back to the Elves to deliver the news. On their way there, they see that mummified corpse near the tower was removed. It wasn’t until they reached the Elven Kingdom that they learn the tower really does belong to the Elves after all.

Queen Ikeshia met with them to learn of the fate of their town. As she passed each one, she noticed on Gideon’s soul that his had been damaged by some sort of entity. Finn and Luc describe their previous heroic adventure as well, on how they saved the remains of the elven girl and performed the correct rites for her burial. The elves were quite appreciative of the gesture. They gave the group some truth potions for their time, and also a bit of information that may interest them. They recently heard of a group of men far to the west, calling themselves Burgundians. The men were so strong that despite the odds against them, they managed to beat the Orcs so badly that they actually came crawling to the Elves for help. Ikeshia had the Orc emissaries killed, for better or worse she decided to side with the humans.

With that in mind, the group returned to the village to share that information, as well as to use the truth potion on the remanding key players in the Abbot’s circle. Peter especially was found guilty of his many lies and was sent to the elves to live out the rest of his “life” – apparently, the Elves had been quite curious on the inner biology of humans for quite some time.

The people of Glastonbury resumed what they could of their new normal life, and continued to plan and prepare for what could possibly happen next for them.



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