Crusader Days and Knights

The exploits of Luc and Finean

Luc found Fin scrabbling up from a hole in the earth and rubble. Reaching down to offer young Finean a forearm, he helps the ginger haired boy from the darkness. Fin has a dangerous looking head wound which Luc treats immediately with bandages and clean water.

After rummaging about Fin managed to recover what remained of his spear; a charred blackened speartip. His shield was in better shape, minor scuffs, scrapes, and nicks. Nothing a bit of planing couldn’t take care of.

Resolving to retreat the area Finean hears the low rumbling snarl of a large canine. He silently warns Fin and the two hesitate holding breath to surmise where the growl came from. Through the trees they can make out the very same stout and heavily muscled aboriginals that they have encountered before. They appear yet a bit smaller than Skag and others that were described to them.

Luc leads Finean downwind of the pack of beast riders. They move well through the thick brush quickly to escape the unwanted attention of the marauding hostiles. The Great Wolves have undoubtedly picked up the scent of Luc and Fin, but by the Grace of the Creator the riders seem to be focused on something else, driving the wolves up the hill toward the tower and more importantly away from the elusive pair.

Luc and Fin make a weighty agreement to quickly and quietly traverse the gelid river. When they break from the cover of the treeline they notice almost directly across from them stands on the riverbanks a troubling sight. Two persons, one tethered by chain. The latter holding tight his bonds.Luc hunkers down to observe the situation. The one stout and far heavier in build holds in one hand thick iron chains which are affixed to an iron collar clamped about the others long neck. He keeps an deliberate distance from the prisoner. The subjugated man towers over his captor. He is of dark features, and thin, and shys timidly along the riverbank. He walks with one peg leg, though seems well adjusted to his false appendage as walking across the rocky riverbank causes no impediment. The bright red tunic he is wearing is tattered and draped loosely over his gaunt frame.

The pack of beast mounted aboriginals breaks out of the tree line up river behind Luc and Finean. The two make a break for it rushing into the river chancing their encounter with the odd pair opposite them rather than standing ground against multiple mounted foes. Luc loses his balance as he dashes into the icy flow, diving into the strong current. He strongarms the water bearing down every stroke to catch up with Fin, who is already half way across. Luc fearing for Finean’s safety crashes on through the current.

The wild mounted inhuman brutes launched several volleys of crude arrows hissing by Luc while several arrows sprouted from Fin’s wooden shield. The boorish look upon the faces of the barbaric beast-men appeared aghast that they did not strike either target.

Finnean trudges icy and sopping from the swift current drawing his weapon. He finds himself facing a savage snarling beast who already has set upon him savagely gripping his curved blade. His off hand clutching tightly the chains of the restrained lanky red garbed man. Fin springs at the brute lunging with all he has but misses as it dodges aside. The bulky armed brute hefted it’s curved blade and slashed wildly at Fin tearing through his leather it’s edge finding flesh.

Luc came measuredly at the two engaged in their skirmish. He drew his hefty cleaver in a flash and advances on the beast-man to make his attack. Just then the gaunt captive drops his facade of timidity and wraps an arm around the beast and drags something very sharp across the beasties throat. To the monster’s horror his blood came showering out splattering both Fin and Luc. A confused look was upon his cloddish face as he dropped his blade and chains grasping at his wound attempting to hold in his sanguine fluid. Luc and Fin were taken aback by the sight and looked to their grim ally. The tall man urged them to make flight. Without hesitating the two broke for the bush of the new growth forest. Luc leading the way lead their pursuers astray and the two made their escape.

It was apparent to Luc that the 14 year old Finean needed to rest. The signs of exhaustion palpable. Luc doubled back to check on their pursuers and found that their tracks lead away turning toward new pray, the hoof tracks and footprints of the knights and their party.

After their brief respite Luc and Fin hiked their way through the underbrush southward toward Glastonbury. The two happened upon what might be a beast-men village.

Doubting the outcome of what could happen the two they try to quit the area as they heard “voices” rather close.

As they follow a trail away from the noise a beast-man steps in front of Luc but behind Fin. Fin rushes back to place himself in front of Luc naively thinking to protect the older more experienced fighter.
they dispatch it quickly and run again but Fin takes another wound. Things are looking bleak for the youth. A quick flight returning to the river jumping in they float away from any further dangers.

It is now late afternoon. Fin is in bad shape. Luc forces them to rest again.

Fin opens up to Luc and tells him of his visions and of a spirit he saw. He shows him the bag of bones and charges Luc to swear upon yeshua’s name to bury it if he doesn’t make it.

Back at it Luc discovers the trail of patrol….something about a termite mound?

A battle had been fought in the area…large group of beast-men did not fare well against the mounted knights and crossbowmen.

Heading back to Glastonbury and kept to riverbanks. Constantly pushing them, Luc again realizes Fin needs to rest. His injuries are taxing upon his stamina. They make camp for the night. Luc camouflages the camp and covers fin making him near impossible to discern and then he leaves Fin to run a quick patrol of the immediate area. He notices in the moonlight a small stone building near by. He stealthily observes it. After he is comfortable Luc moves in for closer inspection….

After his examination of the “building” Luc returns to Fin and dozes off waking before dawn. The two rise and make ther way back to the Fields surrounding Glastonbury.



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