Diplomat and Queen's Confidant


ST: 9
DX: 11
IQ: 13
HT: 10

Appearance – Handsome
Charisma 1
Language (Native) – Elven
Language (Accented) – French
Language (Broken) – English
Magery 2
Patron (Ikeshia
Rank 3
Smooth Operator 1

Enemy (Soren)
Dislikes Humans
Sense of Duty (Elven Race)
Likes clean comfortable clothes
Likes good cooking


Anlyth was born into an Elven noble family, was educated in the best schools, met all the right people, and has predictably done well in life.

His overwhelming concern is to ensure the long-term growth and success of the Elven race. This leads him to frequently suggest courses of action that will avoid risking Elven on potentially dead-end solutions. This has earned him Soren’s scorn because Soren is more concerned with individuals than groups of people.


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