Elena Petrovitch

A young farmgirl with the voice of an angel.


ST: 9 HP: 9
DX: 11 WI: 12
IQ: 11 PER: 11
HT: 11 FP: 11

Acute Hearing 1
Acute Vision 1
Appearance: Attractive
Charisma 1
Magery 1 (only via song)
Musical Ability 1
Smooth Operator

Easy to Read
Light Sleeper
Shyness (Mild)
Social Stigma – Minor
Social Stigma – Second class citizen

Significant Skills:
Fast Talk -12
Gardening – 11
Cooking – 10
First Aid – 11
Singing – 14

Sense Emotions – 11
Sense Foes – 11
Sense Life – 11


Elena is the fifth child and the only surviving daughter of Dmitri and Anne Petrovitch. Her older two brothers, Andros and Ilyan are eight and ten years older than she. There were twin girls born between Elena and Ilyan, but they died of fever before their third birthday. Elena was the last child that Anne conceived, born just over a year after the deaths of her two older sisters.

Life on a small farm wasn’t easy, but the family made the best of it. Sharing the work and the rewards of their labor. Dmitri working the land, and hunting to supplement their crops, and Anne tending to the house, and the children. Despite everything the Petrovitch family was happy, though what the future might’ve brought them may never be known, since they were separated in the strange storm.

Elena Petrovitch

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