Fin MacLeod

An awkward young man from the north


ST: 11 HP: 13
DX: 11 Will: 12
IQ: 12 Per: 13
HT: 12 FP: 14


Born the fifth child of a prominent sea king, turned clan chief, Finnian MacLeod was expected to do great things beyond the Isle of Skio. Unfortunately for his father, Fin didn’t ever quite live up to those expectations. He was awkward, clumsy, and often more concerned about pillaging churches of their libraries and artifacts that looking for gold. Fin loved to read and spent hours absorbing every form of knowledge he could from biblical teachings to scholars from the east. Fin became obsessed with stories and legends. In fact, several of his sisters went on to be more infamous invaders. Instead, Finnian’s crew brought back scores of scrolls and tales of the young invader’s spectacular blunders.

When Fin’s older (and widely considered more capable) brother became ill, the family prayed to every god in the pantheon. They used their plundered treasure to pay for seers and soothsayers. Eventually, Fin suggested they speak with the Christians whom he had become so enamored. While Fin would have much preferred they contact the Byzantine leaders directly, his father sent word south to English and French priests who were much closer. In exchange for their “miracles”, the sea king agreed to stop pillaging English settlements, accept this Yahweh and Jesus into their pantheon, and return many of the church artifacts. Somewhere in the deal, Fin was sent along as a “gift” of good faith between the rival parties. Within a week, Fin’s brother was cured. Fin and his books were packed up and shipped off to the crusades.

It was on this journey south to Glastonbury that Fin met the knight Andre LeBlanc who had no children of his own. Andre impressed Finnian with stories from the crusades. They got word some weeks later that Fin’s brother had been struck dead by his own horse. Fin took this as a sign that he was meant for more than a life of study and agreed to accompany Andre on the next Crusade!

While his first weeks amongst the clergy were awkward, Finnian soon found himself at home helping villagers and teaching Latin lessons at the local inn. As one of the most literate people of the country, he is often chosen to be a scribe. Indeed, he had perfect penmanship and could keep notes in multiple languages.

Fin MacLeod

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