Luc-Philippe Boutine

An enthusiastic young Occitanian cook from the Commanderie d 'Eulalie.


ST 11 HP 11
DX 13 WI 11
IQ 11 PER 11
HT 10 FP 11

Absolute Direction
Acute Taste, Smell, and Vision
Combat Reflexes
Languages – Occitan, English, Latin

Discipline of Faith
Code of Honor (Gent.)
Sense of Duty (companions)
Sense of Duty (Occitans)


“Dieu, aie pitié de moi. Bénissez-moi dans mon long et dangereux chemin. Ne laissez pas les vagues me avaler ou monstres me dévorer; me laissez pas rencontre bandits ou loups-moi manger; laissez-moi mourir de faim pas, ni se perdre dans la forêt. S’il vous plaît pardonnez-moi le Christ, renier ma foi, et
obtenir péché sale pour servir votre création et votre gloire .”

An assistant chief cook at the commandarie of Ste. Eulalie de Cernon. Cousin to Laurent-Everiste. Luc-Philippe was tithed to the commanderie of Ste. Eulalie-de-Cernon by his uncle after his parents had passed away from St. Anthony’s Fever. He has been treated well, as the Boutine family has been well respected and has given much to the Church and commandarie of the past few decades. Over the last 10 years Luc has lived with the monks, priests, and Templars learning from them and working with the cooks and others in and around the commanderie and the Larzac.

He took to culinary skills quite naturally. He was quick to learn knife skills, butchery, and the processing of meat. He was taught how to find and discern wild herbs, mushrooms, and berries that were delicious and edible as well as those that were medicinal, dangerous, and deadly. He had learned how to preserve, prepare, and cook a wide variety of foods, and over the years excelled to the point of preparing humble foods for daily meals and bountiful feasts to celebrate Holy Days.

In addition to his regular duties as a kitchen aid, and eventual assistant head cook, he learned how to track, kill, and clean wild game. And when he was young he did help with hearing of the local sheep and handling of horses.

Luc-Philippe Boutine

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