Outcast Ranger and Smith


ST 12
DX 12
IQ 12
HT 13

Extra Hit Points: +5
Hard to Subdue +2
Hard to Kill +3

Appearance: Ugly
Intolerance: Orcs
Light Sleeper
One Leg
One Eye


Soren was the smith for Kithorn tower and was away from the tower when it fell. He was captured while looking for his sister’s body and forced to work for the Orcs making better quality weapons and armor.

He proved to be a poor slave, being stubborn and unwilling to work for Orcs. He escaped repeatedly but was always recaptured by the Orcs because he continually returned to Kithorn, looking for the bones of his sister. Eventually the Orcs cut off his left leg below the knee. This only made him more stubborn.

Recently he aided Luc-Philippe Boutine and Finn in escaping from an Orc patrol and was severely punished, losing an eye and suffering scarring on his face.


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