Stefan Alvaraz

A young knight who relies on good looks & charm.


ST 12 HP 12
DX 12 WI 11
IQ 10 PER 11
HT 11 FP 11

Combat Reflexes
Hard to Kill 1
Hard to Subdue 1
High Pain Threshold
Smooth Operator

Code of Honor – Chivalry
Pacifism (Cannot Harm Innocents)

Significant Skills
Broadsword 13
Lance 13
Riding 13
Shield 13


Stefan is the fourth son of an improvised noble family. He was fostered with Gideon’s family as a child and the two boys grew up together, trained in the arts of combat first by Gideon’s stepfather, then by their respective knight masters. Having both been recently knighted the two young men have decided to make their fortunes together.

Stefan is much more outgoing and tends to have a more devil may care attitude about life, especially compared to Gideon’s serious, reserved nature. Especially when it comes to the ladies whom he has a definite weakness for. He is a loyal friend, however, and will always have Gideon’s back.

Stefan Alvaraz

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