Elven battle mount


ST 22 HP 15
DX 11 Will 12
IQ 8 Per 8
HT 10 FP 10

Move: 5.25
Speed: 8

Appearance: Handsome
Damage Reduction: 1-6 (depending on age)
Innate attack: Horn (Thrust 2)
Hooves: Sharp (cutting Thrust damage)
Teeth: Sharp (cutting Thrust
1 damage)

Intolerant: Everything
Odious Personal Habit: Challenges all other animals to a dominance contest
Reputation (Vicious killer) -2
Specialized Diet: Carnivore


Rathorns typically travel in small groups of 3-10 with 1 stallion, 3-4 mares, and several children called a Rage. A child is forced out of the Rage when it starts getting to the age where it can challenge the adults. Some children create/join new Rages, many die, and some become solitary creatures.

Males are relatively rare and are bigger than the females (ST 25) and frequently form the basis for a new Rage. A very few males that reach full maturity and do not choose to join a Rage are called Deathsheads and are greatly feared.

Rathorns grow ivory plates across the most exposed parts of their bodies starting shortly after birth. The ivory never stops growing during the life of the creature and is greatly prized by craftsmen and collectors alike. The Rathorns are aware of this and generally try to avoid having their armor fall into the two-legged hands.

Rathorns are able to share their thoughts and emotions with nearby people. They mostly focus on attacking, eating, and destroying other species. Berserk Rathorns have been known to infect allies with their rage in the heat of battle. The results tend to be worthy of songs but the results are rarely tidy.

Elves who are greatly favored by some individuals will be allowed to ride a Rathorn into battle.


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