Ballad of Battle Ford at the Jordan


Composed by Laurent Everiste Boutine

Hounded by Diable broiling
His maltrou ablaze
Through the grim gloom of night indeed
Demowbry the Fierce lead the way

Escape we made from Bête Noir
To répit near the Ford and
Cold and wet were we, yet
We fled for the Ford at Jordan

Relief thought we when Demowbry calls camp
For us to catch our breath
Alas! We cried our scouts came nigh
And informed us of looming Death

On our trail the Beast-men follow
Though lack the courage to engage
The marauders lurk in darkness cowering,
Plotting to invade

Our sentry is set and rest is taken
By few of the weary knight,
Though fatigue has set in this eve
From the tiresome flight

In the boscage came
A most dreadful sound
Drums and whooping, howling hounds,
The baying of the foe

Demowbry set ranks
Of Knights and Men
Side by side we stood
In await of the rogue

The Uruk came on,
Atop of mongrel beasts
Slathering, gibbering, baying and barking
Brandishing gnarled sword and teeth

Loosed were our missiles
Into their ranks piercing few between
On they sped towards our doom
Eyes rife with savagery

DeVandries the Daring
Led a charge of mounted gleaming Knights
Into the fray with no delay
Lancing more in the strife

The Uruk surged on
Crushing our ranks falling allies and friends
Carnal swords they hacked
While they maim and rend

Giovanni joined in
As the battle looked grim
Our hope was trampled and lost

Engaged in battle
For my life was I
Nearly mangled by onslaught

But Lo!

DeVandries again
On horse charged in
Reaping the Uruk like wheat

Demowbry not forlorn
Waded in like a storm
Uruk snarl turned to bleat

The Fierce with fury
Daring at his side
Duke and Knight turning the tide

With renewed vigor
In every sword arm
The men of Battle Ford rallied]]


Ballad of Battle Ford at the Jordan

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