Terrain: River, Plains
Search: -2
Languages: English, French (spoken mostly by upper class)
Literacy: Broken
Tech Level: 3
Wealth: Average
Status: 0
Government Type: Monarchy
Control Rating: 3
Corruption: 0

Peasants: 210 (80 men, 80 women, and 50 children under 14)
Warriors: 40 (40 men-at-arms)
Nobles and Servants: 25

Total: 255

Food production is in large part hunter/gatherer with a great deal of effort being expended on agriculture to prepare for the coming winter. Sheep, cows, and pigs are not being harvested to increase their long term numbers.

Rain has been barely adequate to raise the crops that normally grow in southern England. The peasants are predicting that the late summer will probably not have enough rain to allow the crops to grow to full maturity before harvest time.

Materials in abundance: grass, land
Materials that are lacking: soft wood, all metals, coal
Materials very hard to find: stone, hard wood

Government Leaders
Bayard de Valence – Earl of Pembroke
Michael Bacci – Religious leader

The village of Pembroke is composed of roughly 100 buildings built on a strip of land connecting Pembroke castle to the mainland. The town has a number of small businesses at its center, specifically 3 inns (the Stackpole, Highgate, and the Longhouse), a blacksmith, a dry goods store, a bakery that doubles as a grocery. The streets in the town poorly paved and most buildings are made of wood or half-timber.


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