In the spring of 1192, Richard the Lion-Hearted summoned a second levee of knights and fighting men to come to the Holy Lands to fight in the Crusades. Richard left a couple of years ago and has won much fame and honor for his leadership and the exploits of his men but now they need reinforcements to finish the job.

The town of Glastonbury (near Plymouth) was selected as the assembly point for the second levee because it had good roads, many wells with clean water, and space for many tents. A frighteningly powerful storm swept down on the village as the first crusaders were arriving and transported the entire village to a different world where magic works and there do not seem to be any other humans.

The first levee had been composed of the cream of French, English, and Scottish nobility and fought very well together. The second levee was composed of those who could not go with the first levee for one reason or another and knights of lesser experience and honor. But the levee will not be solely composed of fighting men!

Metalworkers, masons, scholars, hunters, farmers, cooks, prostitutes, laundry staff and a hundred other vocations became camp-followers following their lords pennant or following their own desires. Some lords are bringing their entire household and family along.

This is the story of a group of people who travelled to a distant land and their fight to survive and eventually to do more than just survive.

It has been said that you find the true measure of a person when you strip him of all sophistication and civilization. That is both true and false. The true measure of a person is not just their ability to survive away from civilization, it is also in how they defines “thriving” in the new environment.

Crusader Days and Knights

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